Wine tasting at Canal for SNFCC members


The season of Lent, rich in the flavors and aromas of Spring, has a special gastronomic interest due to fasting. In this workshop we combined fine wines from Ktima Biblia Chora with favorite Lent recipes, (such as eggplant salad, taramosalata) and cold appetizers (octopus, potato salad) with handmade bread of Betty's Bakery. The presentation was curated by the sommelier of Ktima Vivlia Chora, and the menu by the chef of IT catering.

 The suggested wine labels are:

  • Estate Biblia Chora, White Wine
  • Sideways, White Wine
  • Vivlinos, Roze
  • Vivlinos, Red Wine

 Suggested dishes in individual portion of meze:

  • Taramosalata
  • Eggplant salad
  • Potato salad with herbs
  • Octopus vinegar

 The dishes were accompanied by a variety of handmade bread, olives and seasonal vegetables on sticks.